Custom Designs

We'll customise projects to meet your needs. From Microchip Firmware to full PicoKit production, team with our experts for only $20/quoted unit.

To give you an idea - A one off firmware change might only be 1 unit of work - then you can order that kit with the new firmware as many times as you want for the same price as the standard kit with pre-programmed PIC. Just call me on 0402 239 363 for a quote, and then pay for the agreed amount by selecting the units as the quantity.


NB: Source Files and Copyright of custom projects & firmware remain the property of PicoKit. We will happily sell these custom products & kits at standard pricing (were applicable) for as long as you need them. If we really like the prototype, it is our perogative to list it in our product range so that everyone else may have access to the new product.

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Custom Firmware Protoype - Single Unit
Custom Firmware Protoype - Single Unit
Kit Assembly - Single Unit*
Kit Assembly - Single Unit*