11 Useful Logic Gates

Common Logic Gates

Logic Gates are used to process either one or two inputs to achieve a New result. The table above shows the seven Logic gates (on the left) and four useful combinations of these gates (on the right). Although these gates are limited to one or two inputs, three or more inputs can be logically gated by adding more gates end to end in series.

Hexapod Kit with 3 Servo Motors, 9V battery

Hexapod kit with Instructions

Our PicoRoach kit is designed to use logic gates for it’s two input switches so as to determine the next stepping sequence. With two switches there are four desired outputs for this project:

    • A AND B              >> About Turn (Left)
    • NOT A AND B      >> Turn Right
    • NOT B AND A      >> Turn Left
    • A NAND B            >> Walk Forward

Each of these gates triggers and Event that cycles the servo motors through the correct stepping sequences the required number of times.

The kit can be bought in Clear Polycarbonate or Tinted Polycarbonate (Costs extra) and can be constructed with simple DIY tools such as a screwdriver, pliers and a pop-rivet gun. Kit requires a 9V battery to run, and can be bought with a Pre-Programmed PIC ($1) so you don’t have to program it yourself.

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